Live Every Moment Like Your Last

So, what brings me here.

Guess I’ll always be around to pen down some weird thoughts and waste some time, if not I’ll be terribly distracted.

So, I watched Downton Abbey Christmas Special last night and Matthew died from a car accident. It wasn’t my idea of a warm and fuzzy Christmas (in addition to the dead town London is) and it really made me think, whether dead is just moments away. But all in all, it’s sad, and I don’t know how to face it if it happened in real life. It’s different from Titanic, or Romeo and Juliet, for before I watched, I already knew they were tragedies. Plus they weren’t too long, 2 hours or 2 days isn’t enough to make me feel so sad for a character’s death.

Next up, we have the Boxing Day sales and Tube Strike. Surely it should just mean I should stay behind and study but I can’t seem to concentrate. I need to go out and buy something but I’m lazy. Sigh. The sad realities of life. And it’s cold, inconvenient and pointless for me to go out. I don’t feel like traveling with my dwindling wallet too.

For once, I feel like watching videos. Like the Yang Warriors (another tragedy which made me so depressed when I watched all the brothers die, and the songs…) but I guess this is just part of life. But exams are around the corner, my room in a mess and I’m lazy.


My Phone Story

I’m positive I’m feeling a little angsty now but let me write a fully neutral entry about my phones.

I hope I can do it. It’s boring, and soon I may decide it’s too draggy and personal and lock this blog but here goes:

So, back when I was in secondary 2 (2006), when everyone else already has a phone in sec 1 (2005), my dad gave me my first phone, after he upgraded his. It was one of the old Nokia kind, and proved to be more of a burden because now I have to pick up calls. I didn’t like it very much except to play Nature Farm – a game. Strangely, the phone didn’t have snake.

After using that phone for a short while it was my birthday and my dad bought me a Nokia 3120i. Yay! I think it was maximum $38 or something but somehow it seemed to cost a bomb at that time. Oh yes, I had a great time using it, even though it was super laggy towards the end.

Then in sec4 (2008) I upgraded to a Nokia N84. It’s a slide kind and possibly the worst kind ever. In J1, the phone would black out and shut off when I slided it open or close. Some of my other friends had that problem as well. Fret not, all will work as long as you don’t slide it. Just keep it there the entire day :)

But it was too tough for me to keep up, my dad passed me one of his old phones, a even lousier slide phone (yay) but it isn’t spoiled. I used that for a while and then came the faithful day in August 2009 that I had a panic attack on the bus (long story) and had to call an ambulance. Someone used that phone and called the ambulance and my parents and then someone probably stole it. That’s the end.

Okay, no problem, I repaired the N84 and re-used it. It’s still wonky and shuts off sometimes but it’s okay. Then in December 2009 it started dying again and it went missing??? Someone stole it? From my house? What???

Anyway my plan was due (Jan 2010) so I really wanted to buy an iPhone 3GS(!!!), I worked hard for my mum, helping her with some horrible job and saved up like $700 to get it. Because my dad didn’t want me to get the $39.90 plan with the data. You would have thought the problem is solved but I didn’t really know how to manage data thing well, and the first month my phone bills was $500! For data roaming. My dad was really angry :(

You would think that’s the end. But no.

In 2010 Chinese New Year Eve was Wednesday night, so you had public holiday on Thursday and Friday, and 2 more days of holidays during the weekends. On Tuesday night I was around Far East Plaza area and I walked back to Orchard MRT and my cost-me-so-much iPhone was pickpocketed! It might have been pickpocketed in Cotton On, and they had security cameras, but I was told they will NOT allow me to watch it unless I have a police report. I tried to go to Singtel shop but it was 10pm and they closed the door on me. I made a police report next morning, and the police told me they will investigate it the next working day which was 5 days later? Anyway, it was never found. The police never contacted me anyway.

My dad then gave me another of his old company phone. Incidently it’s the last backup phone we had. It had weird glue stuff stuck on it and I even tried to melt the glue with hydrochloric acid and sulphuric acid and some foul alcohol solvent in the lab but it didn’t work. On the plus side that phone had Tower Bloxx YAY! Such a fun game! Anyway, as luck would have it, it died. For no reason. I am sure it’s not because of the acids, because it survived quite some time after the acids.

Alright, I killed/lost 3 phones in less than half a year.

And you know it cost $10/$30 each time to replace a SIM card?

It was my 17th birthday that March and my dad had just bought a white iPhone 3GS around that time. And he gave to me for my birthday. So nice right? It’s been working well since then, used from March 2010 to December 2012 (currently) and still working fine, except it lags a lot and there is no more memory space.

In December 2011 my mum’s phone contract was due and she bought a super lousy and horrible Nokia slide-touch screen phone. It was so horrible that she didn’t even use it for more than 2 days. In March 2012 or so, around that time, when my contract was due she said she can’t use her old phone anymore and bought a new iPhone 4S with my contract. So… here I am pledging 4 years to my phone.

But since I’m in UK now my contract shall be placed on hold. Hence I am pledging 5 or even 6 years on it. I hope it remains alive.

Okay, my decided to be super nice one day and said his contract expired and he is happy with his phone so he asked me if I wanted to buy an iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy SIII! Awww so nice :)

And after some research and trying out I decided the S3 is too big for me plus certain factors so I told him I don’t want that because it’s too big (you see, he will probably be too boggled by the other bits) and told him to get an iPhone 5 or a random smaller phone.

I’m weird like that, I want a pocketable phone. It’s like my top priority other than the camera.

And some time after, he kept asking me to go on Skype, and when I did, he excitedly waved this brick in front of me. Okay no, not a brick, but a new Samsung Note 2, which he bought thinking I’ll be really happy because it’s supposed to be better and even costs $288 for a 16GB, more than the 32GB iPhone 5 which cost $48 (my dad uses some ridiculously expensive plan)!


It’s a newer model! And the sales guy must be doing his best to convince my easily convinced dad, just like the guy who sold the camera, and the laptop…

And apparently in Singapore, they insist everyone must buy a nano SIM for extra $40 which he thinks isn’t worth it for him because he is not going to use the phone. S

o easily convinced by the salesperson, as usual.

I was very touched… and I felt very bad to say this, but I was really disappointed.

I was really looking forward to a lighter, slimmer or even smaller phone. If it’s an S3, alright fine, it’s slightly bigger, but a Note 2 is so big!! :(

I’m very against those iPad alike phones :(

Anyway, since I’m such a riddiculous spoilt brat who is so stubborn, I am bend on getting rid of the S3! My parents don’t use it and it’s just rotting away at home. I mean, seriously, why did they even bother to buy something they won’t use? Or should I say, they don’t know how to transfer their stuff to the new phone and they can’t be bothered to buy new SIM cards.

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I thought I should add an entry to my dead blog.

Today I walked past Russell Square and noticed hall the greenery is actually really turning into a mass of orange and gold. I loved fall, I thought it was magical. It is, just colder. And my made a little trip alone running some errands, just like I have always imagined. London is busy, sometimes I wish I was in a calm, peaceful countryside with less distractions. Of course because I have been busy, I am neglecting this space.

I have a break upcoming next week maybe I’ll infuse some life here!

Doughnut Peach

As you know, I have regular obessions over stuff… :)


Just when you think supermarket staples are pretty much established, in sweeps a sensation. Stand aside, large, regular peach, for the doughnut peach (which is also called the donut peach, by people who do not know how to spell). This small peach has a squished shape, hence its name. It is set to be more ubiquitous this summer than stark warnings about what the nice weather means in the context of global warming. One wholesaler said that in 2006, he was supplying three to five cases a week; this year, it’s more like 200.

It seems too good to be natural, this  fruit. But as they said of the Thai aubergine, just because it’s cute doesn’t mean it’s been genetically modified. This is a bona fide peach species, first grown in China in the 19th century. What is surprising is that they’ve taken so long to catch on, because they are perfect for almost everybody. Supermarkets love them because they are flat, so you can stack them in a more orderly fashion. Kids love them because they look just like doughnuts and are smaller and more hand-shaped than regular peaches. Adults love them because they have a different, many would say better, flavour, sweeter and with an almond top-note. Adults with OCD love them because the flesh doesn’t adhere to the pip in the same way as it does in a regular peach, so you don’t finish the eating experience covered in juice, having to lick yourself like a dog.

There’s really no loser in this new peach craze: unless, of course, they are found to be so superior that other species are abandoned altogether. This would obviously be detrimental to biodiversity: the green answer is to match each doughnut peach you eat with another peach variety.

Personally, I hate the feeling of fur on my teeth. I’m waiting for someone to genetically modify a doughnut nectarine.



So, I have no idea why I want to blog suddenly now, but there is this feeling in me now that I’m not trying to fight hard enough for what I want. Or what I think I want.

Something really simple. Like I want a second hand book (because it’s cheaper) but I can’t seem to find anyone selling it (because of my dislike to use facebook and my inability to check it frequently, gosh trading in real life is much more failed than trading virtually) so in the end I ordered a first hand copy, then everyone starts selling the second hand one and I just gave up buying a second hand copy because I really can’t face selling off mine to buy a cheaper one. I mean, of course I don’t want to make that much of a loss, though I don’t mind selling cheaper, and unless the other person willingly wants to buy my more expensive copy so that I can buy a cheaper one, I see myself like a scammer.

Actually I wouldn’t have thought too much, if not for someone in the exact same situation as me but she fought hard to sell her and buy another copy. And of course I bought some crappy books too there weren’t as advertised but I can’t seem to go back and refund it.

The other issue is of course I’m starting to feel that once things are more of less settled down and the excitement is over, I will start to… not feel homesick, but unable to distract myself with the after-settling-in-syndrome. Sad things start to happen. People lose their initial excitement, start finding new friends, new things to do, settle in their life, want their own personal space. It’s life, and then sometimes you will feel left out, you will feel lonely, you may feel like being alone, you feel the change, no mum and dad will console you, no homely feeling and you suddenly miss the past. Something to deal with I guess. When things get good, there are bound to be things that don’t and the contrast is there. Really, I hope nothing too much will change. Perhaps let me be distracted by studying.

Go Away Storm

Today I experienced what may appear as the rainbows of tomorrow after the rain can just morph back to dark stormy clouds.

I feel unsettled, although this is not a good excuse, but I’m indeed leaving in a week. And one of my greatest wish to leave the things, friendships and people here in Singapore well and happy, not leaving something hanging. But a turn of events does happen last minute and once again I am clueless on how it happened and what made it happen. I am upset and I don’t know how to make it right. Perhaps I could have just left it in equilibrum than to push it one step further?

Singapore aside, what if the next few years is indeed as gloomy as the weather. If perpetually sunny Singapore can bring about this, what about gloomy rainy London. I am affected by the weather ultimately. What if I do end up like some loner and hating what I have to study? Or should I remind myself nothing can be worse. I could keep to myself in Singapore, but during the weekends I’m always glad to see my parents. I don’t know how I’m going to survive a year not talking to anyone, I’ll probably need occupational therapy and become mentally retarded.

And definitely I need to learn how to focus and appreciate those who are truly worth treasuring. You know, I really thought I had moved past that stage but now I’m back in square one.

Third Last Day of Work

I haven’t blogged in a while. Life is a rush now, though a much happier rush. You see, I tend to blog when I am unhappy, and this definitely isn’t good. It’s better to share the joy than the unhappiness.

Today we had lunch together at Raffles City. I had my favourite fish soup. I didn’t have much things to do throughout the day so I ended up browsing for information online. It won’t be long now… And abrupt end for my pointless entry.

But I really have a lot of things to do before I leave…

Have a little time my dear friends

Sometimes I wonder what type of a friend I am.

You know, sometimes I don’t really care about what gifts you give me, what perks you provide, what you lend me or sometimes even what help you provide.

I really only want you to remember me, drop me a little message, chat with me, meet up with me, spend some time with me.

Am I a very time consuming friend and no one has time to spare? Quality time is important to me. Telling me you have no time for me really gives me a punch in my face.

But it can’t be helped, there are so many people, so many things. Like over the school term at NUS I had no time for friends myself because of the sheer amount of work. But… Oh well.

Scraps of life

Let me be a little more responsible, upload some pictures and give some updates of my life!


Pizza hut is having this promo, $10 = any 2 baked rice or pasta. Yums yums :D


Scrapbook I’m doing for my colleague’s baby girl!


Parliament house


And I had another horrible flu/fever over the weekend…


Waving goodbye to friends :(


Finally we went on our Harry Potter date :) Can’t believe I actually spent 3 visits there already! For Dali, Van Gogh, Titanic, Andy Warhol: 15 minutes interval and Harry Potter!


Kaixin’s cute bunny :D


Dramatic sunset at MBS.
One day my colleagues took me up to our office’s Sky Palour. High class place with a great view!







Another BBQ party with F4!

We need to meet up again before I leave :)


One of my favourite sparkly tips! And blue! Love Cirque Ophelia, did I mention it smells pretty good too?


I was convinced I was suffering from culture shock from all over the world including Singapore. Oh yes I borrowed the Singapore one in an attempt to understand Singapore more.

And I still belong no where :(


The Harry Potter comic relief books were really funny!


My fat balls of fur :D So fluffy (and yellow) and cute!


Myammar noodles!

Sze Han’s last day of work is next Tuesday – we must have great food next 3 days :D

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